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Importance of Backup of Sewer and Drain Coverage Endorsement on a Homeowner’s Policy
April 19, 2022

Importance of Backup of Sewer and Drain Coverage Endorsement on a Homeowner’s Policy

Backup of sewer and drain coverage is an endorsement you can add to your existing homeowners insurance policy. It provides another layer of financial protection in case your home is damaged by sewer backup or a malfunction with your home’s draining system. 

Several endorsements may help provide additional coverage for your property. We’ll help you review your current coverage, suggest ways you can fill in any gaps, and provide a personalized quote. Contact Zachman Insurance Agency in St. Michael, Minnesota, today. 

What Is Sewer Backup Coverage? 
With a backup of sewer and drain coverage endorsement, your sewer line is covered from your home to where it meets your city’s sewer line. This endorsement may also be called drain line backup coverage or water backup insurance. Sewage plant

Sewer backup coverage helps cover repairs necessary due to standing sewage in your home. If your home’s drain is backed up, you may have sewage in your basement, bathtub, toilet, or sink. Aside from the smell, sewer backup can cause extensive damage to your home. Your policy may also help cover costs associated with cleaning out water and sewage. In many cases, homeowners need professional help to return a home to its original condition after an incident with a faulty drain or a sewer backup. 

What Causes Drain Line and Sewer Backup Problems? 
Several scenarios could cause an issue with your home’s drainage system, many of which are entirely out of your control. 

Tree roots: Underground pipes may be broken or infiltrated by tree roots. Collapsed or broken often lead to clogs which cause slow drains and sewer backup. 

Broken line: A broken line between your home and the main sewage line can result in raw sewage flowing into your home. You may need to contact your local municipality to get help with a permanent solution. 

Clogged pipes: Clogged drain pipes resulting from an overloaded system or lack of maintenance can cause issues with sewer backup. Flushing nondegradable items or putting too much food down the garbage disposal could cause a clog deep in your home’s waste removal system. 

Get the Sewer Backup Coverage You Need Today 
Sewer backup and drain problems can happen to anyone. Adding a simple and inexpensive endorsement to your homeowners insurance policy can make managing the cleanup and repair process more manageable. 

Contact Zachman Insurance Agency today to learn more about this essential coverage and get a quote. 

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