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What’s Covered When My Child Goes to College and Lives in a Dorm?
August 22, 2022

What’s Covered When My Child Goes to College and Lives in a Dorm?

Making the transition from high school to college is exciting for students everywhere. For the soon-to-be college student, it’s time to prepare for an independent life away from home. For their parents, it’s time to ensure their teenager is as safe as possible while they’re away at school. 

Why Do Students Need Insurance? 
Dorm living is often a requirement for many first- and second-year college students and most students arrive with laptops, smartphones, expensive books, digital cameras, bikes, jewelry and musical instruments. And although the incidence of college burglaries and robberies is relatively low, as a parent, you still want to ensure your teen’s possessions are protected with suitable insurance coverage. College class room

Three types of insurance may apply to your student’s belongings and dorm room, including: 

  • Homeowners insurance may apply to on-campus housing, such as a dorm or school-owned property, if the student is still dependent on their parent’s policies and under a certain age. A floater may be added to parents’ homeowners policy to help cover high-valued possessions like computers. 
  • Renters insurance may provide personal property and liability coverage, which may include dorm and off-campus living. 
  • Dorm insurance may provide coverage for personal property—but possibly without liability coverage or coverage for additional living expenses. 

The Zachman Insurance Agency can help ensure your student has the appropriate coverage they need for all their belongings. 

How Can Students Protect Their Valuables? 
Many students want to take most of their treasured belongings to college, but this isn’t a good idea. Although you need some valuable items, like a laptop, expensive items such as jewelry or other treasured belongings should be left at home. Both renters and homeowners insurance provide coverage up to a specific limit, so you may need a rider or endorsement for additional coverage for your student’s possessions.  

It’s a good idea to make a list of the items your teen is bringing to school, including their estimated value. This list can help you settle any insurance claim if there’s a theft, fire or another catastrophe. In addition, remind your teen to keep their doors locked when leaving and never leave their belongings unattended. Property theft often occurs in the library, common food areas, and other public places on campus. 

How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost? 
The cost of your insurance policy will depend on how much coverage you need and if you’ve chosen additional coverage or endorsements. We can help you determine what your policy will cost depending on the insurance coverage you choose for your teen and their unique needs. 

  • Personal property covers personal items that are lost or damage 
  • A personal property floater or endorsement can be added to homeowners or renters policies to provide more insurance and broader coverage. This added coverage may be beneficial for jewelry or musical instruments. 
  • Stand-alone insurance can be purchased for desktop computers, laptops, tablets, iPads and other electronics. This insurance can offer protection against accidental damage, liquid spill and other events not included under standard homeowners or renters’ insurance. In addition, if you purchased these items with a credit card, your card may also offer insurance protection. 

Insurance is essential for protecting your child at school, and coverage may enable you to replace your teen’s valuables following a theft or other covered loss.  

Protection for the College Journey 
As a parent, ensuring your teenager’s protection when they’re away at college is of paramount importance. Start your teen’s journey knowing they have the protection they need away from home. Zachman Insurance Agency can explore the types of insurance that may best safeguard their possessions while living on campus. We can help you get started on a policy tailored to your teen’s needs. 

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