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Commercial Property Insurance and Vandalism
June 11, 2021

Commercial Property Insurance and Vandalism

Protecting your business is always in the back of your mind. In some situations, it may seem impossible to do especially when instances like vandalism occur when you are not there. It does not matter what type of vandalism or where it is located. This type of damage reduces the business’ reputation and costs you money. Your business insurance can help you cover some of these costs in most cases. In fact, commercial property insurance can help pay to remove vandalism that occurs. 
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In some situations, vandalism doesn’t occur just one time, but it could be an ongoing occurrence. You may spend a great deal of time working to clean off spray paint or replacing broken windows. It is important to take steps to prevent the instance from occurring in the first place. Here are some tips to help you to protect your business. 

  • Place security cameras in an obvious location that’s hard to reach. Not only do you want to catch someone in the act, but you want them to know you are watching and recording them. This can help in deterring people from vandalizing property. 


  • Install a security system. A security system itself can sound an alarm if someone attempts to open a door or window during off hours. It also works as a deterrent. 


  • Place more lighting around the exterior of the building. Specifically light up areas where vandalism is common. This makes it harder for someone to get away with damaging your property. 


  • Be sure the police know of the incident. Filing a police report every time there is damage is critical. 


  • Encourage employees to tell you what’s happening. Sometimes, they may know who is doing the damage.  


It’s important not to contact vandals yourself. Leave that up to the police. What you do need to do is to keep your business insurance, especially your commercial property insurance, in place to safeguard against larger-scale events that could cost thousands of dollars to repay. Protecting your business with these tips is an excellent way to help ensure you don’t suffer as the result of vandalism against your building. 

We’ll help protect your business. Call Zachman Insurance Agency at 763-497-2430 for more information on commercial property insurance.

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