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Liability – General Liability Insurance Coverage for Religious Professionals
August 4, 2021

Liability – General Liability Insurance Coverage for Religious Professionals

As a religious professional, you have the goal of helping people. Most of those you work with and support understand this goal. However, even in the most well-respected areas, risks are present. View your organization as a business for a moment. Consider what risks you face and how to minimize them. Specifically, consider general liability insurance. How can you protect yourself from claims made against you or your organization? 
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What Is Your Risk? Knowing It Helps Minimize It 
While you may need other forms of business insurance to help cover your assets and employees, focus first on general liability insurance. It helps cover instances when people make claims against you or your organization. It is your responsibility to provide visitors with a safe place to spend time. You also hold responsibility for keeping them safe while they interact with employees. For this reason, your liability coverage needs to be comprehensive. 

What risks does a religious organization face? Here are a few examples: 

  • Injuries for trips and falls are common 

  • Sexual misconduct or harassment claims are not uncommon as well 

  • Claims of theft or financial loss may occur 

You also may need to consider claims associated with your employees. For example, if your patrons provide money to you, and an employee steals their personal information, your organization could be responsible. Identity theft insurance could provide some protection here as well. What else could help you? Discuss this with your agent. 

Professional-Level Liability 

General liability insurance is a good starting point for the space itself. However, as a professional, you may need a higher level of financial coverage.  
This is where professional insurance comes into play. You may need to purchase directors and officers liability insurance. Some insurers also offer pastoral professional liability insurance. In either case, there is a higher amount of liability insurance applicable here. 

Should you face a lawsuit for misconduct or claims you failed to provide on promises, these types of insurance policies can help you. They can help you by providing financial support should you face a claim. These policies also provide legal guidance and support to you if you have to go to court. In some situations, they also pay the settlements a court deems necessary. 

As a religious professional, it is important to continue your work. With a solid general liability insurance program, you can do that without risk. Even when you believe you could never make such mistakes, there is the risk that someone could claim you did. Insurance helps reduce that risk from shuttering your operations. 

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