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Avoid Auto Claims in the Winter in Minnesota
December 27, 2021

Avoid Auto Claims in the Winter in Minnesota

When colder weather makes its way into Minnesota, winter roads become a hazard of concern. While icy, snowy roads are nearly unavoidable in the Midwest during winter, there are ways you prepare your car for winter driving and habits to practice safe driving on the winter roads.  

At Zachman Insurance Agency, we’re familiar with the hazards Minnesota roads bring. Try following some of our preventative measures to assure the safety of yourself and others during your travels this winter.  

Winter Car Maintenance 

One of the best ways to avoid unwanted auto claims in the winter is to keep up to date on your car maintenance, including during the winter months. Keep up to date on the following maintenance during the winter:  silver car driving

  • Change to winter tires. Winter tires will provide better traction in icy conditions.   

  • Regularly check your tire pressure. When the temperature gets colder, your tire pressure drops due to the cold air inside your tires contracting. Checking your tire pressure will help keep your car operating its best on slick roads.  

  • Check antifreeze levels. Antifreeze helps regulate your engine temperature when temperatures drop.  

  • Test your battery. When the weather gets colder, your battery is challenged to perform to the same caliber as it does in warmer months. Testing your battery assures it’s in good shape for winter driving.  

Winter Safe Driving Tips 

Colder weather brings icy and snowy roads, resulting in hazards on the road such as skidding, slipping, or an accident. To prevent accidents while on the winter roads, practice the following safe driving habits:  

  • Drive slowly. Slow down around turns and curves that could potentially be icy. 

  • Prepare for lane changes. Check your rearview mirror and signal early to alert other drivers that you’re about to merge.  

  • Be alert. Look out for icy patches, slick spots and wet leaves that could cause skidding.  

  • Anticipate stops. Slow down gradually when you come to an intersection. These areas are typically slicker than other sections of the road due to increased traffic.  

  • Drive at reduced speeds. Driver slower than you usually do on the roads and increase the distance between you and the car aheadhis will allow for a buffer on icy roads.  

Contact Us Today 

Winter driving can be dangerous, but you can decrease your risk of an accident while driving by following proper safety and maintenance tips. Contact your agent at Zachman Insurance Agency for more winter driving guidance and how to avoid winter auto claims.  

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